Romance and acne

How does acne affect people in their romantic endeavours? 
Teenage life can be stressful. Now add acne. Then add romantic interests. Whew. Typically, romance and acne don’t go hand-in-hand. But, if you thought acne was just a teenage hiccup, think again. At any given moment “about 85% of the population” is living with acne vulgaris, and those people include young adults
. Even though so many people suffer from acne, they still experience embarrassment and shame about their skin condition, especially with regard to romantic relationships. In fact, a study with 1,002 Australian teens, ages 14-35, who suffer from acne suggested that acne had a significant impact on their confidence when dealing with romantic situations.

“Amongst teenage Acne Sufferers, skin condition is ranked first for impacting ‘romantic confidence’”. 

Naturally, people feel pressure to look their best in order to catch the eye of someone attractive. Having acne can really hinder someone’s ability to talk to new people, let alone someone they find attractive. If acne is holding people back from pursuing social activities, it can really affect the way they approach romantic opportunities. There are so many magazine articles and confessions from teens talking about how they find it pointless to approach a crush because they won’t be able to see beyond their skin. An example of acne sufferers avoiding possible romantic situations can be found in John Koo’s article concerning patients’ perceptions of their acne:

“It made me want to avoid certain occasions. ‘Ask her out? Well, maybe not. She won’t be interested in how I look.’”

Unfortunately, these remarks are not uncommon. Another patient described their acne saying, “I hate that the first thing people see when they look at me is bad skin. I really, really, hate that”. These statements, and the many others like them, support the claims further describing the negative emotions and frustration people with acne experience in their romantic lives. Despite age, most people dealing with acne feel similarly in their romantic endeavours.  

“Three quarters (77%) of Acne Sufferers have had a negative experience in a romantic context due to their skin condition”. 

Romantic relationships can still blossom even if you have acne. While there is no miraculous or overnight cure, there are different ways to combat the condition itself, which can help when initiating romantic relationships. Visiting a health care professional can potentially increase your chances of clearing your skin. Oftentimes they are more aware of specialised treatments that are not available over-the-counter and have insight into how to best treat certain types of skin conditions.

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